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Katie Katie Bianchi Instructor Fitness and dance have been an important part of Katie’s life since a very young age. Growing up she participated in many organized and competitive sports such as baseball, volleyball and basketball as well as competing in ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop. As an Educational Assistant, wife, and mother of two Katie has had to juggle a busy schedule. She knows that finding the time to workout can be very difficult and finding the right workout can be even harder Katie has always loved to dance and challenge her body and when she was introduced Oxygen Pilates and Fitness she realized how much more fun and exciting fitness could be! The amazing class line up and phenomenal instructors had Katie hooked to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. She decided to take it one step further by becoming a licensed Zumba® Fitness instructor in 2013. And in 2014 continued to pursue that passion by becoming certified in PilatesStick,TRX, PFIC Pole Fitness and PFIC LYRA. Katie has been instructing at Oxygen Pilates and Fitness since 2013 and continues to bring that same determination and passion to her classes to share with her students. Zumba, Certified TRX Trainer, CPR/First Aid, OBar, PFIC Pole Fitness, PFIC LYRA, PFIC Arial Yoga, NASM Neuro Muscular Stretching certificate SPECIALIZED TRAINING Kelly Kelly Instructor I have been in the fitness industry for 18 years! I worked at GoodLife Fitness Clubs for the first 8 years of my career where I taught several different classes, managed several personal training teams as well as trained my own clientele. I certified myself on several different levels over the years from Fitness Instructor, Bosu, Pilates mat, Pre and Post Natal, Nutrition and Wellness, Canadian Personal Training Network and Keiser Spinning. More recently I have chosen to just focus on my personal training clients as well as my love for getting new moms back into shape! CanFit Pro Personal Training Specialist and First Aid/CPR SPECIALIZED TRAINING Ashley Ashley Myers Instructor My passion for healthy living and exercise started young. I grew up as a competitive dancer until my late teens with my favourite styles being jazz and acrobatics. As a I got older, I replaced dance with the sport of CrossFit. I learned a lot about functional fitness, proper movement and technique. When CrossFit no longer fit into my life, I sought out to find a similar team approach to fitness. Being a school teacher, it was almost undeniable to ignore my passion for teaching and my love for fitness. So I decided to get certified and became a Bootcamp Instructor. At the same time, I walked into the doors of Onyx. I was warmly welcomed by Lori Ann, and her members were nothing but kind and friendly. I immediately knew that this community was going to be something special. Not only did it get me into fantastic shape, but Lori Ann asked me to join her team! To keep up with the level of intensity Onyx offers, I got certified as a HIIT coach. I am having an incredible time teaching at Onyx! The wide variety of classes, the members, and the community that Lori Ann has created makes this gym unlike no other! Sgt Ken’s Bootcamp Instructor Certification Maximum Interval Training Certification SPECIALIZED TRAINING Sarah Growing up with a Physical Education teacher as a Dad meant fitness and athletics were a very important part of my childhood. I participated in a wide variety of organized team sports favoring fastball and volleyball. I learned the value of healthy competition, proper nutrition and the support of a strong group of teammates (or peers) was imperative to success. However, as I began my life as a mother, I quickly learned it's not easy to juggle all of those responsibilities and still have time to work towards your own goals. That is until I found Oxygen in October 2012!

Oxygen offered all of those things I felt I was missing. No it wasn't an organized sports team but it offered all of those same benefits. A wonderful group of strong women who value a healthy lifestyle and support each other through all of the ups & downs life has to offer. Lori-Ann created an environment where I felt challenged and pushed me to do and try things I never thought possible. She ignited a passion in me and I became determined to help pass that passion along to others!
Sarah Instructor Certified TRX trainer, Fitness Kickbox Canada Level 1 Kickboxing, Bootcamp Canada instructor, weight training 101, currently working on personal trainer certification with ISSA and First Aid/CPR. SPECIALIZED TRAINING
Caroline Caroline Instructor In 2010, I began my yoga journey and was hooked from my very first practice. It was not long before I began to see changes in my body and mind, such as, increased flexibility, strength, improved balance and concentration. I felt rejuvenated and grounded every time I practiced. Since then, I have practiced yoga almost daily and feel more fit and healthy today than any other time in my past. In addition to the great physical benefits, I have met so many wonderful yogis and yoginis along the way.

All of the students and teachers I have met on this journey have been a great source of inspiration for me. Yoga has truly changed my life and as a result, I was motivated to share the positive benefits of yoga with others. In 2013, that motivation led me to travel to Costa Rica to become a certified yoga teacher. I look forward to sharing my passion of yoga with you and sharing in your yoga journey.
RYT 200 Raja yoga, RYT 200 Power yoga, Baron Baptiste Art of Assisting , CPR + First Aid, 150 hour Meditation Teacher Training - completion June 2017 and First Aid/CPR. SPECIALIZED TRAINING
Rachel Rachel Instructor I started as a client at Oxygen Fitness in the Mom and Baby classes after having my second baby. From never really being active or fit before in my life, it was a huge awakening! The environment Lori-Ann created welcomed me with open arms and encouraged me at every step. I immediately fell in love with the classes, with Oxygen and with fitness! A year later I became a certified TRX trainer and completed my fundamentals in anatomy, my weight training certificate and am right now in the midst of becoming a certified personal trainer. Fitness is now and always will be a huge part of my life and I've passed on the Oxygen addiction and love of being active to my husband and kids! TRX, Weight Training level 1, Currently studying CanFit PTS SPECIALIZED TRAINING Carly Carly Badovinac Instructor I took my first Pilates class after my youngest daughter was born and I fell in love with it so much that I started looking into certifications, but never actually went through with it. Then we moved to Milton where I was introduced to Lori-Ann's Pilates class and so many other amazing classes at Oxygen. I was in awe of watching friends/members accomplish these incredible goals at Oxygen and they inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and achieve what I had wanted to do for so long. I knew it was the right time to finally take the Teacher Training at Body Harmonics! I'm so glad I built up the courage to do it because I truly love teaching and sharing my love of Pilates in my classes. Body Harmonics - Mat Work Intensive, First Aid/CPR SPECIALIZED TRAINING Justin Justin Myers Instructor Growing up playing competitive team sports has made health and fitness a life long passion. Over the past 10 years I have had a focus on strength and conditioning from competing and coaching in the CrossFit community. I completed the CrossFit Level 1 Certification and developed a deep understanding of proper body mechanics and scaling movement to all fitness levels. I believe the best way to achieving your fitness goals is through group training at high intensity, with great form. I love pushing people outside their comfort zone, where results get delivered. As a full time Toronto Firefighter and a new Dad, health and fitness remain a top priority in my life. I also stay active by playing hockey, snowboarding and mountain biking. CrossFit Level 1 Certification SPECIALIZED TRAINING Samantha Samantha McIntosh Nutrition Coach My name is Samantha and I have been an ONYX member since 2015 and Studio Manager since 2018. I recently launched my own nutrition consulting business called Life Balance Nutrition. I have been a Certified PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach since 2018 with a certificate in exercise nutrition. I have clinical experience with Metabolic Care Clinic in Oakville, Ontario and have worked with a variety of clients with different health needs, helping them achieve their wellness goals. Certified PN Level 1 Nutrition Coach since 2018 with a certificate in exercise nutrition. SPECIALIZED TRAINING



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